Monday, July 26, 2010

Precious little Sienna

The terrible twos have set in with our once so peaceful and great sleeper! She thinks she is grown and does NOT want to be babied at all. Sisi has no problem keeping up either; yet, she has chosen to speak in Chinese instead of english and we cannot understnad her at all :)
Love her!

Kassidy Belle

Kassidy is the princess for sure...though no weakling here. She is a fireball and tries to be the "mom" around the house. She loves Ballet and wants to be a cheerleader when she grows up :)

Jake - the boy is so physical and loud--he is my son for sure. there is no denying that! He is showing his "popeye" muscles

End of summer fun?

The summer is almost over--hooraahhh...Camp Mcmillan has come to a closing in 3 weeks and at least 2 of the kids can go entertain their teachers for a few hours every morning...
We went to the beach earlier this summer- no oil!
We swam a lot- Jake learned to swim without floaties!
We visited Pop's Farm and swam in creek
We saw a few movies and ate LOTS of ice cream :)
Jonathan and I are BLESSED to have Sarah staying with us for 2 months and therefore we get a date night once a week!!!!!
We just put our house on the market with Ellen Smith and hopefully it will sell soon and we can go build out in DevineyLand!

I feel Like a Broken Record

With 3 kids (teins who will be 4 in September and a 2 year old) I feel like my sole purpose is to referee and to be their comedic entertainment- like ME: stop fighting or I will spank you; THEM: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Jake and Kassidy get along as long as Sienna is not around. Sienna is great when by herself, but LORD help me when I have all three of them. They CAN NOT get along...really? Not even for 10 minutes! This to shall pass, right? But will I be sane when it does?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

School :) :(

Well, my babies start school on Monday. I cannot believe they will be 3 in September. I also can't believe that my baby sister is getting married in a month! I was looking at some old pics, and it hit me hard how fast time flies by. One second you are crying because your parents are making you sit on this oversized rabbits lap in this horrible frufru dress, the next you are making your kids sit on that same stupid rabbit's lap. I mean where does the time go? Why can't I live in and enjoy the moment that God has given while IN that moment? Why do I have to only appreciate it when I am remembering?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Monday.baa daa baa daa da daaa

Well, we started off, or maybe I should say I STARTED off this morning at 7 am opening my eyes and looking at the clock and praying "please God, please let my kids sleep for 1 more hour!!!!" The, the next thing I knew, I woke up to Sienna crying at 7:52 I guess God did answer my prayer.
We went to a friends house to "swim" which probably is always a disaster considering Sisi is still too young to get in the little pool with 5 2-4 year olds, but she is DETERMINED to be up in the middle of everything. It is always fun though. Then it was lunch and then off to the house to HOPEFULLY take naps. Well, God was blessing me again by having ALL 3 kids sleep at the SAME time! It was a miracle to say the least. While they slept, I got to eat a chicken breast and watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off which was great as always...I mean could this day get any better? Of course it can! When Jonathan got home, we made homemade ice cream!!!! This was a great on to Tuesday??????


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Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie